Families save a lot of money with this arrangement!

Toddlers, kids and teenagers can enjoy being a child again!

We all prefer to go on holiday a few times a year. Even if it just for a few days, it is important for the inner balance and a reward for young and old. Autumn, Christmas, spring, May or summer holidays. There are plenty of opportunities, but that is not always the same with budgets. Going away with (older) children can be very costly.

Children's holiday discount
If you google ‘generous children's discount’ you will find that almost all hotels and holiday parks use an age limit of 10 years for children's discount. Look a bit harder and with a bit of luck, you may find an exceptional offer for kids up to and including the age of 12. Young families sometimes can take advantage of a ‘kids-for-free deal’. However, after reading the smallprint they find that such a discount is often very limited. And that is it for children's holiday discounts in the Netherlands.

Toddlers, kids and teenagers
Quite remarkable in a country where every year about 170,000 children come into the world and as of 2018 there are more than a million families with 2 children. Of these children 1 in 6 is a child of divorced parents, 34% of marriages end in divorce nowadays. This means there are new compositions in families, that often consist of young children and teenagers and double the need for a holiday. Where a child would normally go on holiday once, he or she now goes on holiday with Mum and then with Dad. Often in the company of an additional dad, mum, and additional brothers and/or sisters.

Renewed all-inclusive packages
Preston Palace, the all-inclusive resort in the Twente region in the Netherlands, decided to make things more attractive for this large target group with children. The all-inclusive package has therefore been substantially renewed: hotel rooms, suites and family rooms have been renovated. New restaurants have been built and you can literally do everything: quality and service are given an even higher priority. And to top it all, in May 2018 we launched a new children's discount up to and including the age of 17. This is unique in the travel world!

Generous children's discount up to and including the age of 17.
It appears to be a gap in the holiday market. The new concept is so successful that the unique discount arrangement has been extended to 31 August 2019. All new hotel bookings made within that period profit from that. This means that toddlers, kids and teenagers can all be children at Preston Palace!