Hire E-bikes & bicycles

Preston Palace Bicycle Hire

Preston Palace is situated on the outskirts of the city of Almelo at a stone's throw from the rural countryside. Perfect surroundings for a wonderful bike ride. Prominent spires lead the way to rustic parishes. Castles and watermills give you a peek into the rich past of Twente.

Bicycle Hire
At our hotel reception desk you can hire E-bikes or bicycles every day. They also have a number of cycle and walking routes available. You can only rent an E-bike or bicycle in combination with your hotel stay. 

Preston Palace has various models of Stella electric bikes available for hire.

Stella is the largest E-bike specialist in the Netherlands. The make stands out because it delivers directly from factory to consumer. This means that Stella provides a Dutch quality product with service at home at competitive prices. Stella is rated best in the E-bike tests in Plus Magazine and ANWB Kampioen.

Experience the ease of the best E-bike in the Netherlands while you stay with us and enjoy a very relaxing and beautiful cycle ride!

Want to hire a bicycle?
This is only possible in combination with your hotel stay. You can check in at the hotel reception.

E-bike: €20.00 per day.
Ladies/Gents bike: €8.50 per day.
Children's bike: €5.00 per day.