Opening of refurbished hotel wing

Preston Palace continues to reinvent itself!

Precisely according to schedule, the refurbished hotel wing with 28 hotel rooms - comprising 112 beds - was opened this weekend. A milestone for the all-inclusive resort in Twente, that now has refurbished all 318 hotel rooms into modern Suites, Classic and Royal hotel rooms.


There is, however, not much time to stand still and admire this milestone. From Friday 15 March 2019 the first guests will be checking in to stay in the new hotel rooms. And it means that the hotel is (again) fully booked. A ‘luxury problem’ that they are used to at Preston Palace and thanks to clever planning and teamwork there has not really been a single problem at any time.


The new Classic hotel rooms are dynamic in the sense that these can be booked for either a minimum of three people, but also for two adults, two kids and a baby or four adults. Ideal during midweeks, weekends, holidays and/or public holidays during which Preston Palace receives very varied target groups. For this service the all-in hotel developed its own unique online booking system.

Comfortable Classic

In addition to being dynamic, the new Classic hotel rooms are also ingeniously designed with all the comforts of today: luxury box spring beds, a generous bathroom, perfect hygiene and good WiFi are part of the standard design.

Guests are key

As the refurbishment of the hotel rooms and Suites has been completed, the question is when the next project will arise. Whatever it may be, the wishes of the Preston Palace guests are key.

More about Preston Palace

With the sale and the arrival of a new management board in 2011, whilst using an appropriate strategy, many major investments were made, both online and offline. This has resulted in an increasing reputation both at home and abroad, growing appreciation (Family Hotel 2016 to 2019, Best Day Out) and 210,000 guest nights per year; which amounts to a market share of approximately 12% of all hotel stays in Overijssel.