Preston Palace opens with a new and more all-in format!

Welcome to the refurbished All-in Family Resort Preston Palace!

Innovate in times of crisis. Preston Palace does it! That shows guts and entrepreneurship. On 1 June the All-inclusive Family Resort will open its new family formula with 160 hotel rooms. All-in, of course, but with even more restaurants, even more tailored service and with no less than 35,000 m2 of buildings, there is plenty of space. From 1 July, all 318 hotel rooms of the Family Hotel of the Year will be bookable. Fantastic news for our guests and staff!

Faster than ever
Over the past few years we have put a lot of effort into renewing our facilities such as hotel rooms, hotel reception with entrance, wellness, indoor and outdoor terraces and more. The next step towards an even higher level of the 'family all-in experience' was already on the shelf, but is now gaining momentum', according to DGA Slag, who symbolically cut the ribbon at his beloved hospitality company on 1 June. The start of a new beginning of all-in.

In order to be 'back in business', the unique resort presents the upgrade of the existing all-inclusive offer faster than expected. Fortunately, there is no lack of flexibility; all options have been reviewed and adapted at bottlenecks - think of buffets, events, large groups. The result: a renewed all-inclusive concept that also offers growth and prospects in the healthy future! 

Target group 
Guests are looking forward to a carefree all-inclusive holiday and we are pleased to be able to offer it again from 1 June', says Slag. For groups (young people) it is unfortunately still difficult to celebrate holidays with the current measures. But for families and couples living together it's perfect; they don't have to respect the 1.5 meter. Spending the night together, eating out, bowling, swimming, playing billiards or grabbing a terrace can and may be done at Preston Palace. 

Easily bookable
Once the booking has been completed and the health questions have been answered at check-in, the ideal stay can be planned in the guest's personal programme. From a table in one of the restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner, to a miniature golf course or a few hours of subtropical enjoyment in the water park.

More luxury experience 
Nowadays, buffets are a 'no go' and there is a solution for that as well: buffets have become locations where the assortment is presented and issued safely. The guest is allowed to choose from the wide range of products and is then offered this. Here too, the guest is taken care of; a plus in the luxury experience. 

Smart zones 
The programme divides the hotel with its entertainment centre into three smart zones: the hotel room, planned zones and open zones. The hotel room has all the peace and quiet and space you need. The planned zones such as the restaurants, indoor fair, subtropical swimming paradise, entertainment and gaming facilities are the facilities with maximum capacity that are planned in advance. The open zones are the areas such as the terraces and the bar street  but also the swimming paradise and indoor fair which are freely accessible. 

Guest wish central
The Food & Beverage department also invested in quality, safety and service. For example in hotel restaurant Ribbleton for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bistro de Heerlijkheid for an à la carte dinner, Black rock for fresh coffee/tea with pastries and luxury cakes from the local baker or at Preston Palace Central for a bitter garnish with cosy drinks. Extra locations are even set up; the guest's wishes are central and they must not fail during the all-inclusive arrangement.

Well-being priority
Employees follow a 'COVID-19 Training', there are extra disinfection spot and hygiene checks in all areas, clear safety signs and walking directions with 16 feet distance marking, extra supervision and enforcement of the new 'corona house rules'. These proposals have of course been discussed with the Twente security region; contact with the authorities is going well. The situation regarding the corona virus and government recommendations are closely monitored in consultation with the safety region, because the welfare of guests and employees has the highest priority.

By far the nicest family hotel
We are currently living in a society with strict conditions. Events, daytime and evening recreation are not possible for the time being. But by showing guts, resilience and healthy entrepreneurship, there are now opportunities. On 1 June, Preston Palace will open its doors to a new future with a new experience of all-inclusive holidays. They do what they do best; it is by far the best all-inclusive family hotel in the Netherlands!