This is what is included in your hotel package deal:

  • Hotel room.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in various restaurants (lunch from 2 nights).
  • Various snacks, pastries and luxury cakes. 
  • All refreshments. Spirits from both home and abroad.
  • Various cosy pubs in the bar street (no staff present).
  • Game facilities such as bowling, miniature golf, snooker and billiards.
  • Access to indoor fairground.
  • Access to cinema.
  • Access to swim paradise with whirlpools.
  • Children's indoor play area with bouncy cushion and climbing frames for children who are 7 or younger.
  • Entertainment.
  • Free parking on the Preston Palace site.

Your hotel package deal starts at 3 pm on the arrival date and finishes at 11 am on the departure date. All-in is really all-in at Preston Palace!