Delicious dinner!

You can also enjoy a delicious dinner in your luxurious Suite.
You have a choice of particularly tasty dishes. Aren't you forgetting your drink?

To be ordered between 17:00  and 21:00 via extension number 9. 

Enjoy your meal!

Meal salads

  • Green salad with smoked salmon, red onion and dill dressing
  • Potato salad with bacon and hard boiled egg
  • Couscous salad with peach and falafel
  • The salads are served with bread and herb butter

Main courses

  • Twente meatball with gravy
  • Fried steak with herb butter
  • Fried schnitzel with mushroom sauce
  • Pork tenderloin skewer with skewer sauce and prawn crackers
  • Salmon form the oven with white wine sauce
  • Vegetarian wrap filled with vegetables
  • Day dish according to the cook's idea
  • All main courses are served with fries and salad 

Children's menu

  • French fries with a choice of: Chicken nuggets, frikandel or knakworst
Served with apple sauce and snack cucumber.