Are there any towels in the hotel room?

Towels and bathrobes are provided in the luxurious Suite. Towels are provided in the Royal and Classic hotel room. 

Your hotel room has been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival and provided with sufficient towels for the first day. For your and our safety, your hotel room will not be cleaned during your stay. Every morning between 9:00 and 12:00 you can pick up clean towels at the elevator square on the 1st floor. Dirty towels and possibly dirty dishes can be deposited in the designated cart on the elevator square.

If you wish a cleaning during your stay (e.g. for three nights or more), you can report this to the hotel reception. We will plan an appropriate time. 

Would you like to rent an extra towel? That is possible for € 1.50 per towel per day. Bathrobes can be purchased on site at the hotel reception. You can purchase them for € 40,00 each. Of couse you may also bring and use your own bathrobe.