Are weekend package deals different from midweek package deals?

A stay in Preston Palace is always all-inclusive and excellently taken care of. There is, however, a difference between deals in the weekend (Friday/Saturday) and midweek (Sunday to Thursday).

We serve an extensive breakfast/lunch buffet and a dinner buffet in our hotel restaurant, the Koffiecorner is open for coffee and cake, there are various game facilities, the Central Bar is open from 10 am , the indoor fairground is open daily from 7 pm and the swim paradise is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Every evening we provide entertainment and in the course of the evening we open a number of bars in the bar street.

Our entertainment and buffets in the weekends are even more extensive than those in midweek. That is why weekend rates are usually higher. On Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons there are various additional buffets provided in the entertainment centre, we provide extra entertainment and we often welcome famous artists.