Does Preston Palace apply dress codes?

Yes, Preston Palace uses dress codes. We appreciate suitable clothing.

Going out remains a special experience. We appreciate suitable clothing. We appreciate it if you comply with the applicable clothing regulations. You thereby respect a pleasant nightlife experience for yourself and that of your fellow guests.

What is appropriate or not? We give a few rules: the Ribbleton hotel restaurant does not allow distinctive football shirts, as well as men's tank tops / sleeveless shirts. Headwear, sportswear, bath slippers and shorts are not desirable, but allowed.

You may wear your own bathrobe or a large towel around the (upper) body from your hotel room to the subtropical swimming paradise (and vice versa).

For the hotel and entertainment center, fancy dress parties are not permitted. Wearing the same clothing is permitted for a group, provided that this does not concern group-specific negative mood-determining clothing.