Does Preston Palace apply dress codes?

Yes, Preston Palace uses dress codes. We appreciate suitable clothing.

Respect for yourself and your fellow guests
Eating out remains a special experience during an all-inclusive stay at our Family Resort. By emphasizing this, we highly appreciate appropriate clothing. We and your fellow guests appreciate it when you also comply with the applicable clothing regulations. By doing so, you respect the pleasant nightlife experience for yourself and those around you.

Taste differences
When it comes to clothing and food: taste differ! That is why there is a wide range of restaurants with various degrees of luxury. Which clothing is suitable where or not at all? We explain it to you.

What is allowed? What is not allowed?
Soccer shirts are not allowed in the restaurants Ribbleton, San Remo, Black rock and Peppermill. Men's tank tops/sleeveless shirts are not desirable, but with a good reason are allowed by exception. In the luxury à la carte restaurant Bistro de Heerlijkheid soccer shirts, headwear, sportswear, slippers and shorts are not allowed.

You may wear your own swimsuit with a (private) bathrobe or with a large towel wrapped around the (upper) body from your hotel room to the subtropical swimming paradise (and vice versa).

No mood-determining costumes
Regarding the entire resort (both hotel and entertainment center) soccer shirts and costumes are not allowed. For a company it is allowed to wear the same clothing, as long as this does not create a group atmosphere.