Questions about the coronavirus

Last update: 8 June 2020

Preston Palace opens on June 1st!
On 1 June, Preston Palace opens its new family formula with 160 hotel rooms. All-in, of course, but different. Even more experience, tailored service and with no less than 35,000 m2 of buildings, there is plenty of space. From 1 July, all 318 hotel rooms at the Family Hotel of the Year will be bookable. Fantastic news for our guests and staff!

I have booked a stay with arrival after June 1, 2020 at Preston Palace, what happens now?
We are counting on your arrival and you are very welcome, but please be aware that we also live in Preston Palace in a 6 feet society. Through a newsletter you will receive the latest news about your all-inclusive stay with the adaptations according to RIVM guidelines. You can also read all about the facilities during your stay via this link.

I want to book with our company that consists of several people who do not all come from one household. Now what?
According to RIVM guidelines it is possible for families and cohabitating couples from one household to stay together. You can then stay in one hotel room, sit together at the table and participate in the gaming facilities together, without the risk of the spreading of the corona virus. If your group consists of several couples or families, you will need to make a separate booking for each family or couple.

I have already booked with our company that consists of several people who do not all come from one household. Now what?
According to RIVM guidelines, it is not possible for persons from several households to stay together in a hotel room, sit at a table or participate in the activities. In addition, the distance of 6 feet is guaranteed at all times. This has consequences for the experience of your all-inclusive stay. We kindly ask you to contact the Reservations Department in order to split your booking into households. You may also change your booking free of charge to another date on which it will probably again be possible to stay at Preston Palace with your entire group, without the strict measures.

How am I going to experience my all-inclusive stay according to the current corona guidelines?
We have made adjustments so that you can still enjoy an all-inclusive stay at Preston Palace. Via this link you will get a picture from check-in to check-out.

Guest App: Planning is the new experience!
You compose your own personal program in the Guest App. Do you fill in your entire stay from 'A to Z' immediately after check-in or do you plan spontaneously during your stay? From a table in one of the restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner, to a miniature golf course or a few hours of subtropical enjoyment in the swimming paradise. The choice is huge and easily and quickly arranged. 

Stay healthy, respect the distance and enjoy!

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we currently live in a society with strict conditions. But when we be aware of each other into account and set out our plans in advance, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities at Preston Palace. We look forward to welcoming you in good health to our renewed All-inclusive Family Resort!