Menu Piri Piri Family restaurant

Cold starters

Prawn cocktail
Prawns and mesclun salad with a cocktail sauce

Fresh salad with walnuts and a sweet dressing
Walnuts, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, fried bacon pieces, brie and sweet honey dressing
(also available as a meal-sized salad)

Chicken fillet cannelloni with pesto dressing
Thinly-sliced chicken fillet rolled with fresh rocket salad, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and green pesto dressing

Salmon carpaccio
Salmon carpaccio with mesclun salad, honey and mustard dressing

Hot starters

King prawns
Marinated king prawns on a bed of pasta, mesclun salad and garlic sauce

*Oriental spring rolls
Fried vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce

Carved bavette
Carved beef steak with sesame sauce and a purée of black salsify

Chick wings
Sweet marinated wings


Pomodori soup
Hearty tomato soup with meatballs

*Onion soup
Rich and hearty onion soup

Fish dishes

Sea perch
Sea perch fillet fried in its skin, served with lime sauce

Fried salmon steak served with dill sauce

Meat dishes

Pork tenderlion skewers
Pork tenderlion served with a spicy satay sauce

Beef steak
Tender bavette from the grill, served with mushroom sauce

Piri Piri Chicken fillet
Grilled tender chicken fillet marinated in Piri Piri herbs

Farmer's schnitzel
Farmer's pork schnitzel served on fried potatoes, peper, mushroom, onion and pieces of bacon

*Tagliatelle with spinach
Creamy tagliatelle with spinach, cherry tomatoes and garlic and harb cream sauce


Dame blanche
Vanille ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Ceramy chocolate mix
Creamy chocolate mousse with white chocolate ice cream and a biscuit

Coupe advocaat
With vanilla sauce and whipped cream

Strawberry longueur
Served with yoghurt ice cream

Children's menu

Soups (1/2 bowl)

Pomodori soup with meatballs
Mushroom soup

Main courses

Chicket fillet, frikandel, chicken nuggets or frankfurters
Served with fries


Children's ice cream
A ball of ice cream in a surprise cup

*Vegetarian dishes

Special dietary requirements or beliefs? Ask us for the options!