Subtropical swim paradise

Hailed as the "Best Getaway of NL". Swimming becomes an exciting expedition in this tropical jungle. Under a sky full of stars, discover the splashing waterfalls, sauna, steam bath, whirlpools, sunbeds and children's pool with jungle animals. And of course, there is coffee, tea, soft drinks, ice cream and fruit. In a separate area by the pool is a wellness centre with lovely relaxation facilities.

Subtropical swim paradise

The subtropical swim paradise has many facilities such as a sauna, steam bath, whirlpools and sunbeds. For our smaller guests there is a heated children's pool. There are handy playpens and a baby nappy changing facility.

  • All-in from € 16,50


Get some colour on you! Sunbathe in the swim paradise. During your swim visit you can use a sunbed at no extra cost. For the fast tanner there is an extra charge, please ask at the swimming pool reception.


Relax and enjoy your swim! Underneath the starry sky you swim along to the sauna, steam bath, whirlpools, sunbeds and the heated children's pool. There is coffee, tea, soft drinks and fruit for everyone. In a separate area by the subtropical swim paradise is a wellness centre with lovely relaxation facilities.

Eating and drinking

During your stay in our subtropical swim paradise, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fresh fruit and ice cream are included in the price.

Sauna and whirlpools

There are various whirlpools and a leisure sauna at the swim paradise for which you must wear a bathing costume. Relaxing is so easy. Stress disappears like snow melting in the sun!


Treat your body and mind to the pure pampering at the wellness centre, the renovated separate location near the swim paradise, with many relaxation facilities such as sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and treatment rooms (bathing costume compulsory). You can book the relaxation treatments in advance or on site at the swimming pool reception and there will be an extra charge. Enjoy a soothing wellness treatment together in the duo treatment room!

Opening hours

Daily 09:00 to 22:00 hours
31 december 09:00 to 20:00 hours
1 january 10:00 to 22:00 hours

 Price per person

Adults € 16,50
Adults 55+ € 14,00
Children 3 to 10 years €  8,25
Children 0 to 2 years Free

Evening rate after 18:00 hours

Adults € 11,50
Adults 55+ €  9,00
Children 3 to 10 years €  5,75
Childres 0 to 2 years


Safety is paramount

Children aged 10 or younger may only enter the subtropical swim paradise under supervision of an adult (in swim clothing!). Children from the age of 11, provided they have a swimming certificate, may enter the swim paradise without supervision by an adult.

*Hotel guests have free entry during an all-inclusive stay.

All-inclusive swimming and relaxing

A visit to the subtropical swim paradise is charged at a set price per person. Hotel guests and guests with a day or evening package deal have free access.

The price includes the following facilities:

• Subtropical swim paradise
• Leisure sauna
(without outdoor pool)
• Steam bath
• Whirlpools
• Sunbeds
• Coffee, tea and soft drinks
• Fresh fruit and ice cream
• Parking

Bathing costume compulsory

In the subtropical swim paradise you must wear a bathing costume.


Safety is paramount. This is why armbands are compulsory for children who do not have a swimming certificate. Forgot to bring armbands? No problem. These are for sale at the swimming pool reception.

Would you like to make regular use of the pool?

Please ask at the reception for our valuable discount cards. These are for sale at the swimming pool reception, either for 6 months or for a year. This card will give you a 50% discount on each visit!


The wellness centre is equipped with all comforts such as a steam bath, duo treatment room, whirlpool, sauna and much more. The wellness centre has a deliberate small-scale setting, making it the perfect location to de-stress. Enjoy the relaxing intimate atmosphere in combination with a soothing treatment.

New treatments

In 2017 we provide you again with new relaxation treatments and complete package deals. In the relaxing ambiance of the duo treatment room you can enjoy treatments together, Ideal for a girls day out, mother or daughter day or a well-earned relaxation day with your partner, For all sessions at the wellness centre you will be wearing a bathing costume and all treatments are at an extra charge. We provide pleasant treatments such as Rhassoul, Hammam, Body Wrap Relax or various relaxation massages. All wellness treatments can be booked in advance either by telephone or on site at the swimming pool reception. The relaxation treatments are in a private wellness room next to the swim paradise. You will only be able to use this separate wellness room in combination with a wellness package deal.