Nowhere else will you find so many surprising activities under one roof. From a grand fairground to a game of billiards, there is so much to do!


Get a strike in an old mine shaft and let the bowling balls come back to you in a mine cart. Weird? No, that is how you bowl at Preston Palace! There are 6 bowling lanes hidden in an authentic mineworkers town. Exciting!

Billiards & Snooker

What do you prefer? Billiards or a game of snooker? You choose!

Miniature Golf

The miniature golf course is designed to reflect the surrounding countryside of Twente and at the end of your stick you will find the traditional Dutch clog! Miniature golf, a true experience of Twente!

Children's indoor play area

The children's indoor play area is totally cool! There is a super bouncy cushion, a crazy climbing frame area, great floor and wall games, spring riders, a blocks house, a children's entertainment / craft area and an outdoor play area. On set times we serve little Dutch pancakes ('poffertjes'), and/or chips and there is children's entertainment.

Indoor Fairground

Ever been to a hotel with an indoor fairground? Preston Palace has got one! Mega fun, an exciting indoor fairground with seven spectacular attractions and various gaming machines. Come and experience it!

Games Hall

Pinchers, pinball machines, robot football, video game, photo play and much more. Take a gamble at the gaming machines in the games hall (against payment).

Surprising Choices

Preston Palace is a multifaceted and surprising all-inclusive resort with numerous choices. There is a subtropical swim paradise, an indoor fairground, a children's indoor play area, an entertainment centre with various facilities for games and relaxation, a party hall featuring live music every evening, a meeting centre and a cinema. There are also various restaurants, bars and a coffee corner, serving a wide variety of culinary treats.


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