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Holiday Dinner menu Midtown

"Nice to meat you! Delicious food here is just "a piece of cake"!

V means that the dish is vegetarian possible.

*This menu is subject to change.


  • Chicken Soup: Powerful chicken broth served with pulled chicken, tomato, and zucchini
  • Creamy Potato Soup (V): Potato soup with finely chopped leek
  • Cranberry Apple Salad (V): Fresh salad of green and red apples with cranberries
  • Prawn Cocktail: Prawn salad with cocktail sauce, served with bread
  • Smoked Beef: Smoked beef steak, served with piccalilli and bread
  • Salmon Bagel Cream Cheese (V): Bagel topped with smoked salmon, served with cream cheese and fresh garden herbs
  • Chicken Wrap (V): Wrap filled with pulled chicken, bell pepper, lettuce, and barbecue sauce

Main courses

  • Midtown Ribs: 600 grams roasted spareribs (sweet or spicy)
  • Veggie Mac & Cheese (V): Macaroni served with fresh vegetables and cheese sauce, gratinated with cheese
  • Double Stardust Bacon Melt: Double grilled beefburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon, cheddar and burgersauce
  • Double Stardust Veggie Melt (V): Stardust melt with burgers from the Vegetarian Butcher, with lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheddar, and burger sauce
  • Christmas Turkey:Turkey fillet wrapped in bacon, stuffed with tomato, served with basil sauce
  • Boneless Ribs: Slow-cooked beef rib meat, served with celeriac puree and apple syrup sauce
  • Peppersteak: Grilled beef sirloin served with pepper sauce
  • Grilled Salmon: Grilled salmon fillet served on linguine pasta with red pesto and lime

American coleslaw, fresh fries, onion rings, roasted vegetables, and a jacked potato (potato with sour cream) can be ordered separately.


  • Salted Caramel Brownie: Brownie with salted caramel topping, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream
  • Strawberry Sorbet: Strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping and whipped cream
  • Cookie Dough Coupe: Caramel ice cream, vanilla ice cream with cookie dough topping and whipped cream
  • American Cheesecake: White chocolate cheesecake with mixed berries, served with yogurt-berry ice cream
  • American Pancakes: Pancakes with forest fruit compote and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Kids Menu


  • Prawn Cocktail: Shrimp cocktail served with bread
  • Bagel Cream Cheese: American bagel served with cream cheese
  • Potato Soup: Potato soup with finely chopped leek

Main Courses

  • Spaghetti Meatballs: Small beef meatballs with pasta in tomato sauce
  • Mini Spareribs: Spareribs served with fries and applesauce
  • Chicken Tenders: Breaded chicken tenders served with fries and applesauce
  • Cheeseburger: Grilled cheeseburger served with fries and applesauce


  • Coupe Kids: Vanilla and strawberry ice cream with candies and whipped cream
  • Kids Donuts: Colorful donuts


  • You must book in advance through the GastenApp.
  • Please come at the pre-booked time.