What happens if you have to cancel your agreement with Preston Palace? That depends on, among other things, the time of cancellation, the type of booking, the size of your party and the part you cancel. We have listed the most important details for you. If you still have any questions after reading this, please contact us at reserveringen@prestonpalace.nl or call +31 (0)546 542121. We will be happy to help!  

The cancellation fee for booked catering services by the guest is determined based on the booking value.
In the event of a no-show the guest will always be obliged to pay the booking value.
If one or more of the agreed catering services are cancelled, and if they together amount to 50% or more of the capacity of the catering establishment, the periods stated in the following clauses shall be increased by four months.

Compensation for cancellations

Cancellation fees for cancelled hotel reservations (groups)

Cancellation fees for cancelled hotel reservations (individuals)

Cancellation restaurant/table reservations (menu)*

Cancellation restaurant/table reservations (no menu)*

* Groups = + 10 persons


If a menu has been agreed upon, 50% of the reservation value is charged in case of cancellation less than four times 48 hours prior to the reserved time. If no menu has been agreed upon, nothing will be charged.

Cancellation of hired halls

The conditions apply to all reservations up to 100 (hotel) guests. Reservations with a higher number of overnight guests are subject to other conditions. Please read these terms and conditions when making a reservation.

Cancellation of a wellness treatment or package

No costs will be charged for just cancelling a sauna visit. If you have reserved a treatment or package and you cancel less than 24 hours before the reserved arrival time, 100% of the reservation value will be charged.

Cancellations due to government restrictions

Should it emerge that Preston Palace is unable to receive guests or cannot offer what you have booked due to mandatory government measures (or safety region), we offer two options:

Move your booking to another date

If your new stay is more expensive than the stay you had booked already, we will charge you the additional cost. If your new stay is cheaper, we will not issue a refund.

A hotel voucher valid for at least one (1) year, to the value of the travel sum you have paid

You can exchange this voucher at a later date when you book a new stay at Preston Palace.

Last modified: Tuesday 27 October 2020