Preston Palace must remain pleasant, liveable and safe for everyone. That is why Preston Palace has House Rules and Rules of Conduct for guests. These rules have been drawn up in consultation with the Twente Police, the municipality and the Public Prosecution Service.

1. Registration

You are required to report to the doorman or reception upon commencement of your arrangement.

2. Access control

To protect your own and others' safety, we may require you to cooperate with a search or detection.

3. Clothing

Preston Palace imposes requirements on clothing; if you fail to meet these requirements you may be denied access. (For example: sportswear/shirts and fancy dress are not permitted).

4. Cameras

If you visit a catering establishment where video cameras are present, you agree to recordings being made. After disturbances or accidents, recordings may be shown to third parties.

5. Smoking

In connection with the Supreme Court ruling, dated September 27, 2019, Preston Palace is required to amend its smoking policy. Smoking is only permitted outside in the designated areas, or various outdoor terraces.

Preston Palace is completely smoke-free. Smoking is permitted on the terraces outside at the designated locations. It is not permitted to use a supersmoker (or similar substitute for cigarettes) inside Preston Palace except in designated (outdoor) smoking areas. Smoking in a hotel room will result in a €100.00 fine. If the fire alarm is disabled or activated by smoking (in the hotel room), automatic removal will follow.

6. Sexual harassment, racism and discrimination

You may not engage in sexual harassment, racism or discrimination.

7. Narcotics and hallucinations

You may not use soft drugs or hard drugs. You may not even carry them with you or take them into the grounds and/or buildings. Staff members may ask you to cooperate with a search.

8. Weapons

You may not carry weapons with you, bring them onto the grounds and/or into the buildings.

9. Obnoxious, offensive and aggressive behaviour

Anyone behaving in a nuisanceful or offensive manner inside or outside the Catering Establishment will be subject to a sanction. Threats, assaults and other forms of aggression are forbidden.

10. Consumptions

You may only consume refreshments inside the company, not on the dance floors. You are not allowed to bring in refreshments from outside and vice versa. When, in our opinion, you have drunk too much, you can be denied alcoholic beverages. Double drinks are not provided. Nix under 18. Under 18 = no alcohol.

11. Toilet use

Toilet rooms are for individual toilet use only. Staying for other reasons is not allowed.

12. Trade in goods

It is forbidden to trade in goods in or around Preston Palace.

13. Catering property

You may not take any property belonging to Preston Palace outside. Anyone causing damage will be liable for the cost of repair or renewal.

14. Loss, damage, injury

Preston Palace is not liable for loss of and/or damage to guests' belongings unless these have been handed over for safekeeping against payment. Preston Palace shall not be liable for loss of items found in clothing, for example, even if they have been handed over for safekeeping in exchange for payment. Nor is Preston Palace liable in case of injury to persons.

15. Lost and found items

If you find any item in Preston Palace that clearly belongs to someone else, please hand it in to the reception desk. Found objects will be kept for two months. Anyone retrieving a found item must be able to produce identification.

16. Complaints

Do you have any complaints? Report them immediately to the reception desk.

17. Violation of house rules and rules of conduct

If you violate the rules of conduct, a sanction may be imposed, such as expulsion or disqualification in catering establishments.

18. Departure

When leaving Preston Palace we kindly ask you to show consideration for our neighbours and not to cause any noise nuisance.

19. Youth groups

Groups of young people under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter Preston Palace.

20. Emergency or nuisance

In case of emergency or nuisance you must call TOESTEL 333 at all times!

21. Safety precautions

Disabling and/or misuse of safety devices will automatically result in removal.

22. Decisions of staff are binding

The following points are intended for hotel guests:

23. Night's rest

In the hotel, the corridors and rooms must be quiet from 10:00 p.m. onwards. You are not allowed to go into the corridors after closing time. You are requested to go to your own room. If you leave "Preston Palace" after closing time, it is not possible to re-enter "Preston Palace" before 07.30 in connection with the night's rest of (and possible noise nuisance for) other hotel guests.

24. Room check

You are required to check your room immediately after check-in for any damage and to report this immediately to reception. After check-in you are responsible for the room and any damage.

25. Entry to hotel room by Preston Palace personnel

Preston Palace reserves the right to enter a hotel room if Preston Palace deems such action necessary. This may be the case, for instance, in the event of (suspected) violation of the house rules.

26. Corona measures

During your visit you are required to observe the guidelines drawn up by RIVM and Preston Palace. See the special Corona page for all guidelines.