Children's parties

Looking for the perfect children's party? Birthday party for a boy or a girl? Preston Palace gives you so many options and is all-inclusive. Our happy children's entertainment team will make it an unforgettable birthday!

Plenty of options

Whether it be a children's party for boys or for girls: 
It will only be a grand party when you have it at Preston Palace!
 Children have plenty to choose from at Preston Palace.

Perfect parties

Preston Palace provides perfect children's parties that are organised to the last detail. The children will entertain themselves! Our wonderful children entertainment team will make a big fuss or your birthday boy or birthday girl and provides excellent service with a generous smile!

Children's indoor play area

Most parties take place in and around the indoor children's play area. This area is open to children aged 7 or younger. There is a super bouncy cushion, a crazy climbing frame area, great floor and wall games, spring riders, a blocks house, a children's entertainment / craft area, a small snack corner and an outdoor area. And don't forget our mascots, Preston and Alice. They are so cute!
Are you older than 7? Then you can play on the miniature golf course. How cool is that!

All-in, so very affordable

At Preston Palace all children's birthday parties are all-in, affordable and there are no unexpected charges. Nice and easy! Children's parties can be arranged on any day at Preston Palace, parents get 50% discount*. And the birthday party is always all-in. So one set low price for a complete children's party! Great for boys and girls!

Action conditions

*with the exception of McDonalds partys