Office party

Are you organising an office party? Preston Palace has the right location for you with great activities. Always all-in, so everything is perfectly organised!
It is also possible to combine any workshops or activities with an overnight stay. Please give us a ring to ask for prices and options.

Are you organising an office party?

The best location for your office party: All-inclusive, affordable rates, everything under one roof, everything taken care of, very entertaining and if you want a tailor-made party, that is not a problem! Wonderful food and drink and swinging to the music of a DJ or live performance of a national top artist. Everything in place to make it into a party you and your colleagues will remember for a long time.

From poker workshops to Solex trips

We provide you with the perfect location for an unforgettable office party. And ... everything under one roof. You can take your guests to the entertainment centre or a performance of a well-known artist, such as Jan Smit, Jannes or a famous DJ. Preston Palace also provides stylish halls where you and your group can have a private party. And you can book extras, for example, a Volkswagen Beetle trip, poker workshop, buggy rally or Solex trip.


What will make your package deal even more special, is the price ticket. You pay one price for a complete package deal. The price includes the food, all drinks, extensive hot and cold buffets, game facilities and entertainment. The cosy, modern bars in the bar street make the entertainment centre complete.

Private office party

Apart from a night out in one of our pubs in the bar street, there is the option of a private office party. A private party at Preston Palace can range from 2 to 2000 people. And we take care of everything to the last detail, and provide you with personal support throughout.

Office party with a regional theme

If you are you looking for package deals for an office party themed on Overijssel and Twente, take a look at what we have to offer for office outings in Overijssel office outings in Overijssel.
The ideal office party
• All-inclusive
• Everything taken care of
• Affordable rates incl. VAT
• Everything under one roof
• Something for everyone
• Tailor-made parties are not a problem
• Special rates for large groups
• Option for private party (up to 2000 people)
• Everything taken care of to the last detail.
In short: Preston Palace is ‘The place to be’.

If you would like some more information, please contact us without any obligation!