Preston Palace is situated in the heart of the province of Twente. This beautiful region is full of surprises. It has a rich and varied countryside with meadows, hills, forests and streams, and is littered with idyllic villages. It has exciting cities with wonderful boutiques, large chain stores and attractive catering establishments. The cities also offer plenty for lovers of history, art and culture. Discover the diverse and hospitable place that is Twente. You will be given a warm welcome.

The Twente countryside
Preston Palace is situated on the outskirts of the city of Almelo at a stone's throw from the rural countryside. Perfect surroundings for a walk or a bike ride. Prominent spires lead the way to rustic parishes. Castles and watermills give you a peek into the rich past of Twente. Almelo lies in the heart of Twente. By using the well-known network of cycle paths it is easy to find the most beautiful spots in Twente such as the nearby magnificent Gravenallee avenue or the towns of Albergen, Enter, Tubbergen, Vasse, Nijverdal, Zenderen, Hertme and Rijssen.

The city of Almelo
The city of Almelo offers an exceptional collection of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and plenty of shops. Twente is also well-known for a number of unique events that attract people from all over the country.

The centre of the city is within walking distance from Preston Palace. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings you can take the Preston Express, or American school bus, to tourist attractions or a nice city to go and enjoy some shopping. Please make enquiries at our Tourist Information desk and don't forget to ask about promotions the various shops have to offer. You can hire bicycles and E-bikes on site at Preston Palace. The beautiful surroundings are definitely worthwhile exploring by bicycle or bus. Or you can choose your own favourite transport.

Extra service
Information about E-bike/bicycle hire costs and opening times are available at our Tourist Information desk. Cycling, walking and car routes are also available. There are also plenty of day tips and nice suggestions for exploring.

Just a few ideas:
Borne has dozens of national monuments and part of Borne is a protected village. There are also a number of war monuments in Borne. Borne has an extensive range of shops that includes mens fashion shops and around fourteen ladies fashion shops offering all kinds of styles. These are mostly shops that are not part of the larger chains and they have their own distinctive qualities that attract customers from all over the country. Naturally, Borne does not just have fashion shops and amongst the many shops Borne has to offer you will find the one you are looking for. The Preston Express can take you to Borne on a number of times a week and full information is available at our Tourist Information desk.

The authentic centre, Open Air Museum, Educatorium education museum and various galleries in Ootmarsum are absolutely worth a visit!

A typical city of Twente with the Salt Museum, Twickel Castle and its wonderful gardens.

The city of Enschede lies at about half an hour's drive from Preston Palace. This is a city that has many things to offer. There is a large shopping centre, the Van Heekplein (partly covered), where you will find various shoe shops, H&M, Primark, but also special boutiques and smaller fashion shops.