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Dinner menu Silverado Bistro (as of 20 persons)

V = vegetarian or vegetarian possible.

* This menu is subject to change.
* Dinner at Silverado Bistro is subject to a surcharge of €17.50 (on top of a hotel, day or evening package).


  • Carpaccio Mexicana: Thinly sliced beef steak served with salsa verde, pecans and crispy cheese chip
  • Aztec salad with chicken “Al Pastor” (V): Salad with chioggia beetroot, mini corn and black beans with fried chicken in spicy marinade
  • Quesadilla (V): Fried quesadilla served with goat cheese, arugula and Pico de Gallo
  • Prawn skewers: Fried prawns served with corn salad and mango-habanero salsa


  • Roasted bell pepper and tomato soup (V): Roasted pepper and tomato soup served with a Padrón pepper
  • Corn soup (V): Creamy corn soup served with popcorn and smoked bell pepper

Main courses

  • Lágrimas de Ibérico: Grilled ribfingers finished with smokey barbecue sauce
  • Ribeye: Braised ribeye steak from the grill served with chimichurri
  • Pollo Asado: Marinated corn chicken served with grilled chimichurri
  • Cod from the oven: Cod served with chorizo, cassava and garlic-lime marinade
  • Pulled jackfruit (V): Slow-roasted jackfruit served with a tortilla red cabbage, cucumber and Pico de Gallo

All main courses are served with garnish.


  • Grand Dessert: various delicacies served on the table

Children's menu


  • Tortilla: A tortilla with chicken and corn
  • Roasted tomato and bell pepper soup (V): Soup of roasted bell peppers and tomatoes, served with Padrón pepper

Main courses

  • Ribfingers: Ribfingers served with barbecue sauce and fries
  • Chicken nuggets: Chicken nuggets served with chips and apple sauce
  • Nachos: Nachos served with minced meat and cheese


  • Kids ice cream: Two kinds of ice cream served with a treat

Special diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements, allergies, or religious beliefs? Our manager and chef are at your disposal to answer your questions and discuss your needs.

Please inform the Reservations Department of your dietary needs prior to your stay by calling +31546542121 or emailing reserveringen@prestonpalace.nl when making your booking.

During your stay, please also inform the on-duty chef. Our chefs will immediately attend to your special request and prepare a tasteful meal for you.