Excitement and Thrills in Speedway

Welcome to Speedway Gamehall, the ultimate destination for enthusiasts of high-speed action and excitement! Step into a world where real American Nascars come to life, and games transform into an immersive experience.

Action and Excitement

Games come to life

At Speedway Gamehall, you lose yourself in the games. Our environment with a retro racing game vibe takes you back to the golden days of arcades. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere as you test your skills and take on the challenge with friends and fellow racers.


Flexible opening hours 

Open daily from 9:00 to 1:00.

Achtergrond Speedway

Excitement and Thrills

Discover the excitement, tension, and thrills of Speedway Gamehall. Are you ready to reach the finish line? Experience the ultimate racing thrill!


Conditions & safety

Safety comes first!

Everyone is welcome! However, please be aware that some games have recommended age ratings due to possible images displayed. There is no legal age limit, though.

Entering the Speedway Gamehall is at your own risk. Please note that the environment may be sensitive, with flashing lights and various sounds that may be unsuitable for individuals with epilepsy. 

House Rules Speedway Gamehall
  • The use of the machines at Speedway Gamehall is at your own risk. Preston Palace is not liable for theft and/or the loss of personal belongings or injury.
  • Game cards remain valid for up to 12 months after the last recharge moment.
  • Tickets and game credits on game cards cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.
  • Ticket prices cannot be reserved or exchanged.
  • Defective ticket prices can be returned within 3 days of issue.
  • Malfunctions should be reported to the Speedway Gamehall counter or to a Speedway Gamehall employee. In the absence of an employee, please contact the hotel reception.
  • In case of improper use of a game, leading to damage to the machine, you will be removed from Speedway Gamehall. Charges may apply, and a game ban may be imposed.
  • If a machine does not function properly, the credit will be refunded to the game card. Each machine has multiple technical meters installed, allowing Preston Palace to retrieve the correct data at all times.
  • Preston Palace employees are authorized to conduct checks in case of suspected attempts of fraud.
  • Placing drinks or food on the machines is not allowed.
  • At closing time, the machines are automatically locked, with prior notice. Starting a game after the closing notification may result in the loss of remaining playtime or points.
  • Surveillance cameras are present at this location.
  • Additionally, the general house and behavior rules of Preston Palace apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of Speedway Gamehall?

Speedway Gamehall is open daily from 09:00 to 01:00. The last gaming round takes place at 00:45. If there is no staff present and you have a question, please report to the nearest bar or reception.

Do I need to make a reservation before visiting Speedway Gamehall?

Speedway Gamehall is an open zone. Whether you are a day guest, evening guest, or hotel guest, you do not need to make a reservation in advance.

Can we spend a day at Speedway Gamehall at Preston Palace?

Yes, definitely! The indoor Speedway Gamehall is also open to day and evening visitors.

How does a play card work?

You need the play card to play games; credit is required on the card for this. The cards can be purchased at the kiosks, where you also have the option to top up the card. You have the freedom to decide how much euro you load onto the card.

How do I buy a play card?

You can purchase the play card(s) at a kiosk in Speedway Gamehall. If it is not functioning, please report to the reception. The cost for the play card is €1, and after purchase, the play card is yours. Note that the credit expires after 12 months of inactivity.

What is the cost of a play card?

A playing card costs €1. If you top up more than €10, the amount will be added directly as gaming credit to the playing card.

Where can I top up my play card?

The play card can be topped up at one of our two kiosks. If you need assistance or if the kiosk is not functioning, please report to the reception and speak to one of our staff.

Can I use my play card for the Boardwalk Indoor Fairground?

No, the play card has play value exclusively within Speedway Gamehall. At Boardwalk Indoor Fairground, you can use cash for various games.

Can I use my won points for prizes at Boardwalk Indoor Fairground?

No, the points you have won on your play card can only be redeemed for prizes at the prize counter of Speedway Gamehall.

What is the cost of a game at Speedway Gamehall?

Speedway Gamehall offers an extensive selection of various games. Costs vary per game, and you can start playing from €0.39.

How long are my tickets and play credits on the play card valid?

Tickets and play credits remain valid for up to 12 months from the last activity on the play card.

Can I accumulate tickets on my play card?

Yes, that is possible. This way, you can participate for exclusive main prizes. However, keep in mind that the card, including the current points balance and play credit, remains valid for a maximum of 12 months after the last activity.

What can I do with the won tickets?

By playing various games at Speedway Gamehall, you can win tickets that are immediately dispensed by the slot machine. With these tickets, you have the chance to win one of our great prizes. Check out the prize counter to discover what you can win!

Are personal data registered on the play card?

No, it is possible to purchase play cards without any registration of data.