We continue to monitor and renew our all-inclusive offerings for you. Your wishes are always central to this, as you deserve the very best at Preston Palace. Here you can read about the (possible) renewals during your stay and you will find an overview of all upgrades since 2014.

Operations 2024:

  • Right now, we are busy with work in Riviera. We are in the process of building a new steam cabin.
  • February to mid-July
    Construction of 4 new bowling alleys
  • March and April
    Renovation of Boardwalk / Pizza van Enzo corridor
  • March to mid-July
    Construction of 6 new hotel rooms
  • April and May
    Installation of Formula 1 car at Preston Palace Central
  • May 2024 to June 2025
    Renovation of hotel rooms

More about the renovated Preston Palace

Preston Palace was sold in 2011. With a new strategy and after many investments, it has become one of the largest and most successful hotels in the Netherlands. The increase in guest numbers is also due to the growing appreciation for Preston Palace. The new strategy chosen by the new management is also bearing fruit in this area. 

Partly because of this, Preston Palace has been winning awards regularly in recent years. In recent years, the subtropical swimming paradise has been voted by guests as one of the best swimming pools in the Netherlands several times, and in 2020 Preston Palace was once again voted the Family Hotel of the Netherlands.

In order to exceed your wishes, we will continue to monitor and renew our offer for you. The exact dates of all work are not always known in advance. For this reason it is sometimes not possible to inform you of any works during your booking. Of course, we will inform you here about the work that is known to us in advance.

Finished operations

Renovation 2023

  • New restaurant Pizza van Enzo
  • New Speedway Gamehall
  • All hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning
  • Self-service check-in
  • Renewal American Pool & Billiards

Renovation 2022

  • Cinema make-over
  • New water slide
  • Renovation of the catering area in Riviera
  • Expansion of electric charging stations plaza

Renovation 2021

  • New floor in the Entertainment and Game Room
  • Renovation of hotel rooms

Renovation 2020

  • Cleaning former indoor smoking area/tropical courtyard.
  • Food & Bar Midtown. The grill and wok buffet have given way to this new worldly Foodplaza!

Renovation 2019

  • Renovation of last wing of hotel rooms.
  • Restyling project Central Terrace.

Renewal 2018

  • Renovation of hotel entrance/lobby. The main entrance and hotel lobby have been enlarged and renovated.

Renovation 2017

  • Renovation of hotel rooms.

Renewal 2016

  • Renovation of hotel rooms. 
  • Renovation of hotel restaurant.

Renovation 2014 and 2015

  • The corridor to the swimming paradise has been transformed into a stately station hall with the imposing replica of the largest steam locomotive in Europe.
  • Renovation of hotel rooms on the first and second floors, the entrance to the water park and expansion and renewal of the wellness (new duo treatment room and expansion of the range of treatments).
  • Opening on October 10, 2014 of new hotel wing with 30 hotel rooms/suites.