About us

Preston Palace is a unique all-inclusive hotel and entertainment centre offering many facilities under one roof. Whether you are looking for package deals for one day or for several days, the all-in concept ensures that you can make the most of your stay without a care in the world.

Multifaceted and surprising
Preston Palace is a multifaceted and surprising all-inclusive hotel and entertainment centre with numerous options. There is a swim and sauna paradise, an indoor fairground, a children's indoor play area, an entertainment centre with various facilities for games and relaxation, a party hall featuring live music every evening, a meeting centre and a cinema. There are also various restaurants, bars and a coffee corner, serving a wide variety of culinary treats.

Great fun for kids
The children's indoor play area is open every day. Children can enjoy themselves on the bouncy cushion and climbing frames and at set times we provide chips. Preston and Alice live in the little house next to the play area, where you can go and listen to a beautiful story or a jolly song. The indoor fairground is open every evening, which does not only provide fun for children from the age of about 9 (depends how tall you are!), but is also very exciting for grown-ups!

Top Quality
Regal quality for an honest and clear price and together with our hospitality and versatility, perhaps the most important principle at Preston Palace. We promise exceptional value for money and work very hard every day to live up to this promise for our guests.

Subject to price amendments and programme changes
Subject to price amendments and programme changes. No rights can be derived from these. We work with an online reservation system. Technical errors may occur that affect price calculations, in the event of which Preston Palace will be allowed to request additional payment. Preston Palace cannot be held liable for these.

Licences and code of conduct
Preston Palace's licences include a catering establishment licence issued by the Almelo municipality. To make sure everyone can enjoy themselves in a safe environment, Preston Palace, in consultation with the police, has drawn up a Code of Conduct and House Rules.

Preston Palace cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage to the guests' possessions, unless payment was made for safekeeping. If any items are lost, because they were inside clothing (even if payment was made for safekeeping), Preston Palace cannot be held liable. Nor can Preston Palace be held liable for any personal injury.