Privacy and Cookie Statement

Last modified: 03-06-2024

Preston Palace is committed to protecting your privacy and we appreciate the trust you place in us. As such, Preston Palace will never sell your personal information ("personal data") to others. Please read this Privacy and Cookie Statement carefully to understand how we obtain data from you and how we handle it. In addition, you can find information here about how to contact us if you have any questions about your personal data. Preston Palace may update this Privacy and Cookie Statement from time to time, so please visit this page regularly to stay informed. If you do not agree with this Privacy and Cookie Statement, you should stop using our website, social media and/or app(s).

Preston Palace is a trade name of Preston Palace B.V. and is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 06062050, having its office at Laan van Iserlohn 1, 7607 PT Almelo. Preston Palace is a European registered trademark (#01403558). If you have any comments or suggestions about this information, please send an e-mail to


Preston Palace does not collect more personal data from you than is necessary for proper service provision. The personal data collected is used within the limits of legal requirements in the context of our business operations and is not kept longer than required for business operations or as required by law. In this statement, by "device" we mean for example a computer, tablet, smartphone, et cetera.

We make every effort to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your data against loss and/or unlawful use. These measures guarantee, taking into account the state of the art and the cost of implementation, an adequate level of protection in view of the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the data. You may provide personal data to us in the context of ordering a service, a contest, a review, a registration/enrollment et cetera. We will use this data primarily for the purpose for which you have given it to us. Furthermore, we may use it to comply with our legal and other regulatory obligations. We may also use this data to improve our services to you, for example through market and customer satisfaction surveys.


What personal information does Preston Palace use?

When you make a reservation, you will be asked for your e-mail address, first name, last name, address and telephone number.

To make it easier to manage your reservations you can create a user account. This will allow you to view your personal settings and reservations. If you want to have your data and/or account deleted you can send a request to When you visit our website, even if you do not make a reservation, we may collect certain information, such as your IP address, what browser you are using, what operating system you are using, what application version you are using, your language settings and pages (on our website) that have been shown to you. If you use a mobile device, we may also collect information about your mobile device, specific settings for the device, and GPS information.

Why does Preston Palace collect, use and share your personal information?

First, we use your personal information to complete your reservation.

We use your contact information to send you an invitation to write a review. This will help other future visitors and may allow us to improve our service.

User Account: 
We offer you the opportunity to create a user account on our website. We use the information you provide to make this possible, to allow you to manage your reservations, take advantage of unique offers, make future reservations easier, and manage your personal settings. If you would like to have your information and/or account deleted please send a request to

Marketing Activities: 
We also use your information for marketing activities, as permitted by law. For example:

  1. When you make a reservation or create an account, we may use your contact information to send news or travel-related products and services to you. With your permission - if permission is required by local law - we may also send you other newsletters via email. You may unsubscribe at any time using the "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter. You may also send a request to
  2. Depending on the information you share with us, we may show you personalized offers on the Preston Palace website, mobile apps or on third-party websites.

Other communications: 
There may be other times when we may get in touch with you via email, post or phone. This depends on the contact information you share with us. There may be a number of reasons for this:

  1. We may need to respond to requests you have made.
  2. If you have not completed your reservation online, we may send an email with a reminder to continue with your reservation. This allows you to continue with your reservation without having to start over.
  3. If you use our services, we may invite you to write a review about your experience at Preston Palace.
  4. We may use personal information to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities.We also use personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to enhance the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of our services.
  5. We also use personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to improve the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of our services.
How does Preston Palace use social media?

We use social media to promote, improve and facilitate our own services.

How does Preston Palace share your information with third parties?
  • In certain circumstances, we may share your personal information with third parties:
  • We may share your personal information with government or authorities conducting an investigation if required by law. This may include a court order, subpoena, and requirements from legal processes and investigations. We may also disclose your personal information if it is strictly necessary for the prevention, discovery or prosecution of criminal matters.
  • To collect outstanding debts.
  • For the purpose of investigating your creditworthiness and payment history.
  • If we would otherwise be in violation of our legal obligations.
  • In any other cases not yet provided for where this provision is necessary to protect our legitimate interests or those of the third party to whom the data is provided, unless your interest or your fundamental rights and freedoms under the law outweigh this.
  • We may use external service providers to process your personal information for purposes described above. For example, we may instruct external parties to contact you. If it is necessary for a particular reservation, we may also work with external payment providers to facilitate payment or payment guarantee. We also work with external advertising networks to promote our accommodations and services on other platforms. We may also engage external parties for analytical purposes. These external parties are bound by confidentiality agreements and will not use your information for anything other than what is described above.
How does Preston Palace use mobile devices?

We have apps for multiple mobile devices and offer a version of our regular website specifically adapted for mobile devices. These apps collect and process your personal information in the same way as our website.

How does Preston Palace use reviews and other information shared with us by you?

After your stay you may receive an invitation to write a review, in which you can be asked for your opinion of Preston Palace. If you do not wish your name to be displayed you can indicate this, so that your reviews are posted anonymously. By completing a review you agree that it may be shown on, among others, our website, our mobile apps, our social media accounts and the social apps. This allows other guests to access information about Preston Palace's quality and services.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data placed on your device by a website. The browser may send this information back to you on your next visit to the website. This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to cookies and similar technology (from here on referred to as "cookies"). The cookies placed by Preston Palace via this website cannot damage your device or the files stored on it.

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites have no memory. If you surf different pages of the website you will not be recognized as the same user on those pages. Cookies allow your browser to be recognized by the website. In short, cookies are mainly used to remember the choices you make, such as your preferred language and currency. Cookies also ensure that you are recognized when you return to the website. Accept cookies to make optimal use of the website. You can change your cookie preferences below.

Do all cookies do the same thing?

No, there are different types of cookies and different ways to use cookies. Cookies can be classified according to their function, life time and the party placing the cookies on a website.

How does Preston Palace use cookies?

The following types of cookies are used on our website:

  • Technical cookies: We aim to provide our visitors with an advanced, clear and user-friendly website that automatically adapts to their needs and wishes. We use technical cookies to allow you to see our website, for the website to function correctly, to create your user account, to allow you to log in and to manage your reservations. These technical cookies are necessary for our website to function properly.
  • Functional Cookies: We also use functional cookies to remember your personal preferences and to help you use the website effectively and efficiently, for example remembering your preferred language or your unfinished booking. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the website to function properly, but they add functionality and improve the user experience.
  • Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to understand how our visitors use the website, to optimize and improve the website. The information we collect is which web pages you visited, which redirect page you came through, which page you left the site through, which platform type you are using, your date and time notation, the number of clicks you make on a particular page, your mouse movements and scroll movements. We also use analytics cookies as part of our online advertising campaigns, to gain insight into how users interact with our website after being shown an online advertisement, possibly including ads shown on third-party websites. In doing so, we do not know who you are, and collect only anonymous data.
  • Commercial cookies: We use third-party cookies and our own cookies to show our ads. This is called "retargeting" and is based on your search and browsing behavior on our website, for example on the availability you searched for, the accommodations you viewed and the prices you were shown.
  • In addition to placing cookies, Preston Palace also reads information from your browser and device without a cookie being placed. In this way we collect (technical) characteristics of your device and the software you use, such as the type of operating system, the browser settings, installed plug-ins, time zone and screen size. We use this information to track your browsing habits on our site.

You can find a complete overview of our cookies on our cookies page.

How long do Preston Palace cookies remain active?

The cookies we use have a varying lifespan. You can delete all cookies from your browser whenever you wish. Deletion is different for each browser. Use the "Help" function in your browser to find the settings you require.

Does Preston Palace use cookies from third parties?

Besides the cookies placed by Preston Palace itself, third-party cookies are also placed on your device via the website. Preston Palace has no control over the use of these cookies and/or the use that third parties make of the information collected via the cookies. Preston Palace merely provides the platform that makes it possible to place these third-party cookies. Preston Palace wishes to point out that the use of the data collected may be subject to further conditions of the third parties. The types of third party cookies that are placed via the website are set out below:

  • Google Analytics: For the collection of web statistics on the use and visitation of the website, Preston Palace uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics places a permanent cookie on your device that registers your use of the website. This data is then analysed by Google and the results are provided to Preston Palace. Preston Palace thus gains an insight into how the website is used and can, if necessary, make adjustments to the website or its services on the basis of this information. Google may provide this information to third parties where legally required to do so and/or where third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google may use this information for other Google services.
  • Social plug ins: The website provides access to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. With the help of these so-called social plug ins you can share information on the website with others or recommend it. Cookies are placed on your device by third parties via the social plug-ins. These cookies may be intended to optimize your user experience, but there may also be tracking cookies that are used to track your surfing behavior across multiple websites and build a profile of your surfing behavior. In addition to access to these social media, the website also displays videos that originate from third-party websites, including YouTube. These third parties primarily place cookies that make it possible to show the videos to you. In addition, tracking cookies may be placed that are used to track your surfing behavior across multiple websites and build a profile of your surfing behavior.
Who has access to the information contained in Preston Palace cookies?

Only Preston Palace has access to Preston Palace cookies. Cookies placed by third parties can be viewed by those third parties.

How can you manage your cookie preferences?

You can indicate in your browser settings which cookies you want to accept and which you want to reject. Exactly where these settings are located depends on which browser you are using. Use the "Help" function in your browser to find the settings you need.

If you choose not to accept certain cookies, you may not be able to use some features on our website. And opting out of an online advertising network does not mean that you will no longer receive online ads or be part of market analysis. It only means that the network from which you unsubscribed will no longer send personalized ads for your web preferences and browsing patterns.

What security procedures does Preston Palace have in place to ensure that your personal information is secure?

In accordance with European data protection laws, we have robust procedures to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of personal information. We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect the personal information you give us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions on access to the personal information on our servers. Only authorized personnel have access to personal information as necessary for their work.


The services offered by Preston Palace are not intended for children under the age of 18. Use of any of our services is permitted only with the express permission of a parent or guardian. If we receive information from anyone under the age of 18 we retain the right to delete it.


If you have questions about personal information or wish to have your personal information removed from our database, please email However, we may need to retain certain information for legal or administrative reasons, such as our file for fraudulent activity. If you wish to have your information and/or account deleted please send a request to


Preston Palace has taken the utmost care in compiling this site but accepts no liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies in the information presented. The General Terms and Conditions of Preston Palace apply to offers and bookings. Preston Palace is not responsible for the content displayed (all content included on the website) or files linked to this site. Written consent is required for use of the content displayed or parts thereof in other publicly accessible locations. Without such written consent, no content or parts of these pages may be used.