Preston Palace all-inclusive family resort in Twente

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Preston Palace have a dress code?

Yes, Preston Palace does have a dress code. We would appreciate it if our guests could dress appropriately.

Respect for yourself and your fellow guests
Eating out is still a special experience during an all-inclusive stay at our Family Resort. To emphasise this we would very much appreciate it if our guests could dress appropriately. We and your fellow guests appreciate it if you could also comply with the applicable dress code. This way you respect this wonderful night-life experience, both for yourself and for those around you.

Different strokes for different folks
When it comes to clothing and food, everyone has their own taste and style! That is why we offer an extensive range of restaurants with various degrees of luxury. But which clothing is appropriate where, and which is not appropriate at all? Let’s explain.

Ribbleton, San Remo and Midtown restaurant
Football shirts are not allowed in the Ribbleton, San Remo and Midtown restaurants. Tank tops/sleeveless shirts for men are not preferable, but are allowed in exceptional circumstances. 

Silverado Bistro
Football shirts, tank tops/sleeveless shirts for men, headgear, sportswear, bath slippers and shorts are not allowed in luxury à la carte restaurant Silverado Bistro.

You may go from your hotel room to the subtropical swimming paradise (and back) wearing swimwear covered by your (own) bathrobe or a large towel wrapped around your (upper) body.

No themed costume parties
As far as the entire resort (both hotel and entertainment centre) is concerned, football shirts and costumes are not allowed. Group-specific clothing is allowed, provided that it is not themed clothing.