Work Activities

You deserve the very best at Preston Palace, which is why we are constantly updating our facilities. Here you can read about the (potential) work activities during your stay and there is an overview of all the refurbishments since 2014.

More about the new Preston Palace

Preston Palace was sold in 2011 and came under management of new owners, and after many investments has become one of the largest and most successful hotels of the Netherlands. Guest numbers continue to rise as appreciation for Preston Palace continues to increase. The newly chosen strategy is bearing fruit in that respect as well, which is why Preston Palace has regularly been receiving awards over recent years. In recent years guests chose the swim paradise as one of the best swimming pools in the Netherlands and again in 2019 Preston Palace was chosen as THE family hotel of the Netherlands.

In order to continue to meet your wishes, we will continue to update our facilities. However, the exact dates of all work activities are not always known at an early stage, which means that it is unfortunately not always possible to inform you of any work activities at the time of your booking. We will of course inform you of the work activities that are known to us at an early stage.

2020 Work activities


Work 2020

Project new air treatment location miniature golf / wok buffet from January 13, 2020 until the end of May 2020.
During this renovation the wok buffet, the stage with terrace and the mini golf bar will be closed. At another location in the entertainment center, an Eastern / Asian buffet will be provided at the times when the wok buffet would normally be open. The mini golf course will remain in use for the most part during this project (2 mini golf courses will close).


2019 Work activities

2019 Work activities

Renovation last wing of hotel rooms from January to the middle of June 2019.

Restyling project Central Terrace from September to the end of November 2019.

Completed work activities

2018 Refurbishment

Conversion of hotel entrance / lobby. The hotel entrance and hotel lobby will be extended and updated.

2017 Refurbishment

Renovation of hotel rooms.

2016 Refurbishment

Renovation of hotel rooms.
Conversion hotel restaurant.

2014 and 2015 Refurbishment

The gateway to the swim paradise has been transformed into a stately station hall with an impressive replica of the largest steam locomotive in Europe. Renovation of hotel rooms on the first and second floor, the entrance to the swim paradise and extension and updating of the wellness centre (new duo treatment room and expansion of treatment options).

On 10th October 2014 we started using the new hotel wing with 30 new hotel rooms.