Aroma therapy massage

If you’re having trouble with stress or fatigue, an aromatherapy massage will give you a real boost. An aromatherapy massage uses the power of scent to enhance your moment of relaxation. An aromatherapy massage ensures you get a good night's sleep and helps with persistent complaints, problems with bowel movement and even eczema.

30 minutes: € 44.95 per person


Aroma therapy massage

Do you have a favourite scent, or specific wishes?

Examples of commonly used oils are grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil. Do you have a favourite scent, or specific wishes? Then your therapist will tailor the oils to your wishes. For example, eucalyptus improves concentration and creativity, while lavender calms your nerves. 

Book a massage

You can easily book a massage on the spot at the pool reception. Would you like to book your treatment prior to your stay? Then we recommend you to call our Reservations Department at +31 (0)546 542121.

Advance booking is required.

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