Dine at Restaurant San Remo

Cozy dining with good food and drink. Dinner at Eetcafé San Remo has a surprising menu that makes choosing difficult. How about a steak, the Twente meatball or dessert Coupe San Remo? The choice is huge!

Main courses

  • Meatball: Large Twente meatball with gravy
  • San Remo Steak: Baked steak with herb butter
  • Schnitzel: Fried fillet schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce
  • Pork tenderloin skewer: With satay sauce, atjar and prawn crackers
  • Salmon fillet: Out of the oven with white wine sauce
  • Vegetarian wrap: Stuffed with wok vegetables

All main courses are served with appropriate garnishes, fries and raw vegetables.

Children's menu

  • Chicken nuggets: Chicken nuggets with fries and applesauce
  • Fricadelle: Fricadelle with fries and applesauce
  • Frankfurters: Frankfurters with fries and applesauce


  • Coupe San Remo: Vanilla ice cream, stracciatella ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Coupe After Eight: Chocolate ice cream, chocolate mint ice cream and whipped cream
  • Coupe Yoghurt: Forest fruit ice cream, vanilla ice cream, raspberry ice cream and whipped cream
  • Coupe Malaga: Rum-raisin ice cream, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Brownie: Chocolate-nut brownie served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Kids Ice Cream: 2 scoops of ice cream reserved in Preston and Alice cup. The cup may be taken home!


  • You must book in advance through the GastenApp.
  • Please come at the pre-booked time.
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