Dinner menu Midtown

"Nice to meat you! In our newest restaurant Midtown we travel to America with dishes like Mac & Cheese, Midtown Ribs, Peppersteak and Grilled Sea Bream. And then those desserts: Triple Chocolate Cake, Cookie Dough Coupe and American Pancakes. Delicious food here is just "a piece of cake"!

V means that the dish is vegetarian possible.

* This menu is subject to change.


  • Chicken Soup: Powerful chicken broth served with pulled chicken, tomato, and zucchini
  • Sweet Potato Soup (V): Soup of sweet potato with finely chopped peppers
  • Caesar Salad Fried Chicken Strips (V): Romaine lettuce with egg, breaded chicken, croutons, Parmesan and anchovy mayonnaise
  • Chili Riviera Prawns: Spicy garlic shrimp served with bread
  • Buffalo Wings: Fried chicken wings glazed with honey barbecue sauce
  • Bagel Cream Cheese (V): Bagel served with cream cheese and fresh garden herbs
  • Spaghetti Meatballs (V): Small beef meatballs with pasta in tomato sauce

Main courses

  • Midtown Ribs: 600 grams roasted spareribs (sweet or spicy)
  • Mac & Cheese (V): Macaroni with melted cheese
  • Double Stardust Bacon Melt: Double grilled beefburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon, cheddar and burgersauce
  • Double Stardust Veggie Melt: Stardust melt with vegetarian burgers, lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheddar and burgersauce
  • Fried Chicken: Fried chicken tenderloin with sweet & sour sauce
  • Louisiana Gumbo: American stew made with chicken, spicy sausage, and shrimp, served with rice
  • Peppersteak: Grilled beef sirloin served with pepper sauce
  • Grilled Sea Bream: Grilled fillet of dorado served on linguine pasta with red pesto and lime

American coleslaw, fresh fries, onion rings, and a loaded potato (potato with sour cream) are available as separate sides

For the kids

  • American Pancake: Pancakes served with forest fruit compote
  • Mini spare ribs: Spare ribs served with fries
  • Breaded chicken tenderloin: Chicken tenderloin served with fries


  • Triple Chocolate Cake: Rich chocolatecake served with chocolatesauce and whipped cream
  • Strawberry Sorbet: Strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping and whipped cream
  • Cookie Dough Coupe: Caramel ice cream, vanilla ice cream with cookie dough topping and whipped cream
  • Funky Donut: Glazed donut served with vanilla ice cream
  • American Pancakes: Pancakes with forest fruit compote and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Kids desserts

  • Kinder ice cream: Vanilla and strawberry ice cream with sweets and whipped cream
  • Kids donut: Colorful donuts

Special diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements, allergies, or religious beliefs? Our manager and chef are at your disposal to answer your questions and discuss your needs.

Please inform the Reservations Department of your dietary needs prior to your stay by calling +31546542121 or emailing reserveringen@prestonpalace.nl when making your booking.

During your stay, please also inform the on-duty chef. Our chefs will immediately attend to your special request and prepare a tasteful meal for you.