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Dinner menu Silverado Bistro

V = vegetarian or vegetarian possible.

* This menu is subject to change.
* Dinner at Silverado Bistro is subject to a surcharge of €17.50 (on top of a hotel, day or evening package).

Cold starters

  • Ensalada de Salmón: Thinly sliced smoked salmon fillet served with avocado salad
  • Carpaccio Mexicano: Thinly sliced smoked beef steak served with pecans and grilled Padrón mayonnaise
  • Tortilla de Queso de Cabra (V): Tortilla filled with goat cheese and Pico de Gallo

Warm starters


  • Tortilla de Pato Crujiente: Tortilla with crispy duck, served with pineapple salsa and lettuce
  • Camarones Fritos: Fried prawns served with mango-habanero salsa and mixed greens
  • Empanada (V): Empanada with manchego, Pico de Gallo, and Mesclun greens


  • Sopa de Langosta: Lobster soup served with shrimp and spring onions
  • Sopa de Maíz (V): Mexican corn soup served with smoked paprika

Main courses

  • Entrecote Añejo Seco: Grilled dry-aged* entrecote served with roasted garlic butter
  • Ojo de Bife: Grilled ribeye served with Padrón pepper sauce
  • Bacalao: Oven-baked cod served with chorizo, cassava, and garlic-lime marinade
  • Mezclado Parrilla: Mixed grill of beef picanha, Secreto Ibérico** and chicken fillet, served with chimichurri
  • Costillas de Res: Beef back ribs served with Chipotle salsa
  • Filete de Salmón: Grilled salmon fillet served with prawns and mango
  • Burrito Vegetariano (V): Burrito served with vegetarian minced meat and mixed beans
  • Albóndigas Vegetarianas (V): Vegetarian balls served with tomato sauce

All main courses are served with garnish.

*Dry aged
Just like with red wine, meat really improves when it has enough time to mature! During dry aging, meat is left on the bone to dry age for a minimum of 21 days in a special dry-aged cabinet. During the maturation process, moisture evaporates from the meat, giving it a concentrated flavor. Also, the muscle tissue is slowly broken down by the naturally present enzymes in the meat. This is what makes this special meat so tender.

**Secreto Ibérico
Secreto Ibérico is the best kept secret of the Iberico pig. This part is also called the Iberico flank. It is claimed that this cut is unique to the Iberico pig. The meat is incredibly marbled with fat and packed with flavor. Characteristic taste, due to the kilos of acorns that the Iberico pig consumes daily in the fall.


  • Caipirinha Congelada: Lime sorbet served with mint and Brazilian rum Cachaça
  • Mousse de Chocolate: Airy chocolate mousse with Kahlúa
  • Pastel de Pecanas: Pecan pie with caramel served with mocha ice cream
  • Helado con Chocolate: Vanilla ice cream served with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Pan de Plátano: Banana bread served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Children's menu


  • Tortilla de Pollo: Tortilla served with pieces of chicken and corn
  • Sopa de Maíz (V): Mexican corn soup

Main courses

  • Pollo a la Parrilla: Grilled chicken thigh fillet, served with barbecue sauce and fries
  • Nuggets de Pollo: Chicken nuggets served with fries and applesauce
  • Albóndigas Vegetarianas (V): Vegetarian balls with tomato sauce served with fries


  • Helado para Niños: Two scoops of ice cream served with a treat


  • You must book in advance through the GastenApp.
  • Please come at the pre-booked time.