Good to know

Hotel reception

The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, you can of course visit the hotel reception in person or you can reach the hotel reception from your room by calling extension 9.


Preston Card

When you arrived, you’ll have received a Preston Card from security or the hotel reception. This Preston Card is your personal admission ticket. The Preston Card must be carried with you at all times, both inside and outside Preston Palace. The Preston Card grants you access to all facilities and you can show your Preston Card to security when you drive in and out of the premises during your stay. 

Alarm system

In the event of an accident, fire or other emergencies, you must call 333 immediately.


Please report malfunctions or faults to the hotel reception. The Technology and Maintenance department will try to fix any faults as soon as possible.


Towels and cleaning

All hotel rooms are cleaned thoroughly before arrival and the towels are replaced with clean ones. The room is cleaned daily and the towels are changed. Any dirty dishes can be deposited where the lifts are, on the cart intended for this purpose.


Stationery and notepad, sewing kit, shoe shine kit, bathrobes and slippers are available at the hotel reception and in the shop. You can also contact the hotel reception for our dry cleaning, laundry and ironing service (ready within 9 hours when handed in before 9 am). Only the ironing service is ready within 1 hour if you hand in your items before 10 pm.

Tourist information services

You can get information and tips about the area at the hotel reception. There are numerous cycling, walking and car routes available. 


Making calls from your hotel room

To make a call from your hotel room, you must first enter a 0 for the outside line, after which you can enter the required telephone number. If you want to call abroad, omit the 0 before the area number. If you wish to call another hotel room, you can contact reception via extension 9. They will connect you. You will only be put through to guests from your own party, not to other hotel guests.


You can use wireless internet (Wi-Fi) for free. Choose ‘Preston Palace Gasten’ to connect. Terms and conditions will be shown automatically. If this is not the case, you can open them in your internet browser. Once you have agreed to the user conditions, you get free access to the internet.

Appropriate attire

We would appreciate it if our guests could dress appropriately. What is considered appropriate attire? We would like to point out a few rules: at hotel-restaurant Ribbleton, distinctive football shirts are not allowed, and neither are tank tops/sleeveless shirts for men. Headgear, sportswear, bath slippers and shorts are not encouraged, but are allowed.

You may go from your hotel room to the subtropical swimming paradise (and back) in your (own) bathrobe or with a large towel wrapped around your (upper) body.


Taking food

It is not allowed to take food and/or the like from the restaurant, unless you have asked and got permission to do so. You are allowed to take your drink or snacks from the entertainment centre to your room. Please keep things tidy in your room. Any dirty dishes can be deposited where the lifts are, on the cart intended for this purpose.

Lunch box

If you wish to put together a packed lunch (instead of taking part in the lunch buffet), this is allowed. You can put together your own packed lunch during breakfast. You can get a bag at the bar on presentation of your room pass. On your day of departure, you can take a packed lunch with you for a fee.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our chefs at the hotel-restaurant. We recommend that you notify us of any special diets in advance while you are making your booking. You can then ask what the options are in this respect.


Under-18 age limit applies

Alcohol cannot be served to young people under the age of 18.

The law makes no distinction between beverages with little or a lot of alcohol. It does not matter what type of alcohol young people under 18 bring along themselves. They are liable to punishment in both cases.

Smoking Policy

Preston Palace is completely smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed on the outdoor terraces in the locations allocated for that purpose. The use of e-cigarettes (or any such cigarette substitute) within Preston Palace is not permitted. Smoking in hotel rooms will result in a €100 fine.

If the fire alarm is triggered as a result of smoking in a hotel room, the guest will automatically be asked to leave. This also applies to deactivating the smoke detector.