Delicious snacks to your room!

Delicious nibbles to enjoy in your deluxe Suite! 
Are you going for the burger, a portion of mature cheese or a tasty tapas basket?
Don't forget your drink!

To order, dial extension 9.

Bon appetit!

Between 14:00 and 23:30

  • Various nuts: small peanuts, Japanese mix, cocktail nuts
  • Tortilla chips with salsa
  • Portion of cheese: mild, mature or cumin cheese
  • Portion of sausage: Skier w√∂ske (garlic and clove)
  • Bread with tapenade and garlic sauce
  • Tapas basket (olives, chicken skewers, chicken balls and prawns)

Between 22:00 and 23:30

  • Portion bitterballs (6 pieces)
  • Portion croquettes (6 pieces)
  • Beef burger with burger sauce
  • Vega burger with burger sauce
  • Crispy fried chicken with chili sauce (5 pieces)
  • Hot dog bun