Marvel and amaze

Step into the world of magic!

During this spectacular show you will be introduced to the hidden world of magic. A world that is only visible to those who know it exists. Do you know it too? Go and see it! 


An enchanting journey around the world

"By shifting the invisible line between reality and illusion, I transform the ordinary world into an extraordinary one. And even though you know that what you see is not real, I make you feel that the impossible really exists. That is the power of magic."

Peter van Rhein, House magician Preston Palace


House magician Peter

His name is Peter van Rhein. He is enchanting, charming and the resident magician at Preston Palace. His mission is mysterious. He says he doesn't have any secret powers, but after seeing his magic show you’ll definitely have your doubts.


Magic is so much more.....

Magic is more than just tricks, sleight of hand and distraction. Come to my show and I will show you!’


“Is the hand quicker than the eye?”

Do you know that expression: ‘The hand is quicker than the eye’? Or maybe you’re looking at the wrong hand...


You won’t believe your eyes!

World of Magic

Experience this magical show at Preston Palace. Be amazed and amazed by the enchanting tricks of House magician Peter.

Not seen is not experienced! 


  • During the show, a seat is required
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